Our time management software is compatible with Macintosh, Windows and Chrome OS. We’re proud to offer integration with Chrome computers since many libraries are choosing Chrome computers for their facilities. 

When you sign up for our LibData software (time, print & waitlist), these are the all the features you’ll receive for time management:

  • Set Total Time allowed per computer
  • Maximum time per patron – per day
  • End of day shutdown (can set a different time for each day)
  • Remote rebooting
  • Add or subtract time on one or all computers
  • Disable users in real time
  • Send Notes to one or all computers
  • Local database as well as ILS authentication of patrons
  • Check for fines or other blocks before allowing access
  • One time Temporary code generation (for guests)
  • Allows patron to request additional time
  • Additional time based on number of computers in use or if patron is in waiting list
  • Full Statistics – daily, weekly, monthly usage – average, total, etc.
  • Disallow duplicate logins
  • Add notes to patrons profile – will display on control computer when the patron logs in
  • Zones for youth/ adult computers – different waiting lists
  • Waiting list manager – will alert patron when computer is available
  • Integration with Print management – release station or account balance mode
  • Set limit as to the number of computers in use before disallowing relogin
  • Full database searching capabilities along with usage search


Phone: (334) 750-0734
Email: sales@libdata.com