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Time Management

Tired of having to ask your patrons to leave when their time is up? Allow LibData to do this for you. Our time manager will enforce your computer session/day rules. It will do it without your intervention – allowing you to be more of a helper than an enforcer.

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Print Management

LibData’s print manager will ensure all printed pages are paid for. It will notify the patron of the number of pages about to be printed and how much it will cost – allowing them to cancel the print job.

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Waiting List Management

Our waiting list manager will eliminate the need to manually keep a paper list of names and allow your patrons to see where they are in the list. They will be notified when their computer is available and only that patron can log into the assigned computer.

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We make time, print and waitlist management a simple and fluid process for libraries. Our software is easy to use and powerful.

How does it work?

LibData hooks into your library’s computer system to monitor and manage time, print and waitlists for guests. This all-in-one system allows you keep track of important activity and computer use. It’s as simple as managing everything in one place.

What are the features?

LibData has several features crucial for library computer management. Our time management allows you to monitor and manage the time limits of each user. Our print management allows you to manage all printing actions from each computer. Our waitlist management makes using waitlists easy and seamless. All of our management features can be controlled from a central hub computer.

Which operating systems does it work with?

LibData is compatible with Macintosh, Windows and Chrome OS.

We’re excited to offer the Chrome OS integration, as we’re the only library management software developed for Google Chrome computers.

LibData is 100% compatible with Chrome OS and we’re proud to be the only provider of this library software for Chrome.

The Process

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